Ares M45 Series – Modular AR – Explained

Have you ever purchased a shiny new stubby RIF to play at your local CQB site? Have you then taken the said gun to a woodland skirmish, and felt  the performance was underwhelming at best for this style of play?

If you answered the first question with a yes, then chances are then second question follows with another yes!

The problem with airsoft guns is that not all guns can do every job perfectly. For example, the Ares AM-015 Stubby Badger is a brilliant CQB rifle, easy to get round corners and has a blindingly fast trigger response. Take it outside and increase your average engagement to 30 yards plus, however, the accuracy isn’t going to be anything like that of it’s 13.5″ AM-016 Honey Badger counterpart. In the next breath, you then try taking that 13.5″ barrel round a tight corner in the same way as you can with the AM-015. Difficult, right?

If only there was a gun that could have all the manoeuvrability of a stubby CQB gun and all the accuracy of a long skirmish gun…

This is where the Ares M45 X Class joins the party.

The M45 X Class is a fully modular gun, designed to not just be a jack of all trades, but a master of all.

With over 32 interchangeable parts available, the M45 accessory range includes a choice of 12 different handguards, 4 styles of pistol grips, 3 style of magazines, 2 triggers, 5 flash hiders, 2 buffer tubes and 4 stocks, giving a total of 528 unique combinations of setups. Phew!

The beauty of this modular setup is that it is all so easy to do. With a quick change front end system, you can transform your gun in seconds.


You are running through undergrowth towards a large central building. You and your squad are pushing back other players as you move closer towards the objective in the building. Because you decided to play an outdoor site today, you put the Ares M45 HG-036 9.5″ handguard on your M45X. You have the accuracy to take on players at distance. 

You then get to the building. Some of your team mates may reach for a sidearm. Some of them stick with their long barrelled rifle. You however, can go one better! With a pull of a metal tab, a twist to remove your 9.5″ handguard and a twist to lock in your short 3.5″ HG-034 handguard, you are ready for close quarter combat. No giving yourself away around corners. You become more agile and can aim your gun faster. You and your remaining team mates have captured the objective and are bringing it back to your extraction point.

In a 5 second manoeuvre, you have swapped back to your long handguard and are ready for a firefight, however you are outnumbered, outgunned and need to lay down some covering fire. You drop your almost empty magazine into your dump pouch and pull out your 1300 round M45 Drum Magazine.

Now you are ready for a firefight.