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APS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB


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APS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB

APS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB

The APS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB is an innovative conceptual design. The rifle is built on the basis of a construction typical of the family of popular American rifles and is equipped with the modular M-Lok rail assembly which is becoming more and more popular

The RIS 22mm rail allows for the installation of various types of optical sights. The set includes a set of folding, mechanical flip-up sights. The replica is suitable for right and left-handed users thanks to the manipulators and levers having a double-sided configuration. The carabiner is equipped with an ergonomic pistol grip.

The design of the APS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB body and the front rail give the replica a modern and aggressive look. The front 4.5″’ rail is made in the M-Lok system, which allows for the adjustment of the rails according to the user”s preferences. The replica also has a custom, enlarged reloading handle. The replica is equipped with an adjustable RS-3 stock with room for a battery.

The heart of the APS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB is the V2 gearbox with a quick spring change system, from the latest eSilver Edge series with the High Torque motor. The cylinder and the precision inner barrel with a diameter of 6.03 mm are made out of stainless steel. Housed within the replica is the SDU 2.0 chip which is fully programmable. The user is able to change his wherever and at any time he wishes. No additional external devices are needed. To use the chip, press the button located on the bottom of the front part of the gearbox frame. The button is located in the magazine slot. When pressed and held, the red LED should light up. The button should be held down until the LED blinks twice. We have one of five modes available to program:

Mode 1: Safe-Semi-Auto (factory setting)

Mode 2: Safe-Semi-Burst (3)

Mode 3: Safe-Burst (2) -Auto

Mode 4: Safe-Burst (3) -Auto

Mode 5: Safe-Burst(3)-Burst(9)

Double pressing the button or disconnecting the battery will reset the system to factory settings.

The replica comes with a plastic hi-cap magazine with a capacity of 300 BBs

TheAPS Phantom Extremeis MK X M4 Rifle CQB set does not include a battery or a charger.

The set includes:

– replica

– magazine

– 2 RIS rail sections

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