G&G 0.25g BBs Competition Grade (4000 – 1 Kilo) Airsoft


G&G 0.25g BBs Competition Grade (4000 – 1 Kilo) Airsoft


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G&G 0.25g BBs

G&G 0.25g BBs quickly became one of the most popular BB’s available because of their excellent quality, quantity, and affordability. G&G offers 4000 rounds per bag for a lesser price than some other brands. 0.25g BB’s are highly recommended for outdoor play with AEGs and high powered pistols. They are uniform in weight and size, so unlike other lower grade airsoft BB’s, they will not cause your barrel to jam, your magazine to fail or leave shards of bb inside your gearbox.

Never re-use spent BB’s as they could damage your airsoft gun.

Manufacturer: G&G
Color: White
Dimensions: 5.95mm
Quantity: 4000 rounds per bag
Design: All electric guns, high power spring guns, high powered gas guns.



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