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Ares M45 X Class Modular Black Rifle (AR-083E)


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Ares M45 X Class Modular Black Rifle (AR-083E)

Ares M45 X Class Modular Black Rifle (AR-083E)

The Ares M45 is a modular series of gun, with S Series of Gun giving 14 different combinations of build for both the Short and Long Version. The M45X gives a gargantuan 528 DIFFERENT COMBINATIONS, meaning you can easily build your own unique RIF. This is what makes this Series a unique proposition for any airsoft enthusiast!

The M45 X Class is a full metal AR style rifle and is supplied with a short barrel designed for easy movement indoors and in CQB environments. However, due to the modular nature of the X Class and it’s quick change barrel, you can transform it into a much longer rifle perfect for skirmishing. It also has interchangable M45 Series grips, magazinestriggersflash hiders, buffer tubes and stocks.

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