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G&G GR4 G26 BLACK BLOWBACK AEG ASSAULT RIFLE , made from metal (including steel) and polymer. Steel elements include the shell ejection window cover, forward assist, trigger and flash hider as well as iron sights. Stock slide, internal barrel and majority of small elements were made from an uniform zinc and aluminium alloy. The stock pad, hand guard and receiver of the replica were made from polymer. The stock’s length is adjustable, which allows to adapt the replica to the changing conditions and body type of the user.

The fire mode selector is located on the left side of the receiver and is marked with graphical descriptions of fire modes. The replicas features a PBB system, which imitates very well the operation of the live firearm equivalent. It sets the bolt carrier dummy into motion and provides a noticeable “kick” of the replica into the user’s arm.

Once the charging handle has been pulled back, the shell ejection window is opened and the bolt carrier dummy is pulled into rear position. This allows for adjustment of the Hop-Up. What’s interesting is that also the forward assist fulfils a crucial role here as well: when pressed it releases the counter-reversal latch in a gearbox which releases the main spring. This significantly prolongs the replicas lifetime by allowing to retain high muzzle velocity due to minimizing the effects of spring degradation.

The replica was made in black colour with contrast, pink elements. The replica is perfect for operating on a medium range due to the implemented M120 main spring that provides a muzzle velocity of ~410 FPS. The implemented top RIS rail allows for the attachment of any optical sight. The battery is stored inside the hand guard.

GR4 G26 assault rifle replica is ideal as an assault weapon. Thanks to the appropriate barrel length and tight pneumatic system, equipped with high quality HU chamber and bucking it was possible to achieve a reasonable muzzle velocity whilst maintaining a stable flight path of the BB and significant range. The muzzle velocity is adequate for the replica to be safely and effectively used in open terrain.

The replica has a phenomenal BlowBack system, which further realism when it comes to the operation of the replica and grants the user additional experience.

Pneumatic Blow Back operates by diverting some of the compressed air from the gearbox to a special cylinder located underneath the skeleton. The piston located in the PBB cylinder moves the attached to it thin plate that imitates the bolt.

WARNING: The manufacturer does not recommend usage of batteries more powerful than 8,4V due to the possibility of damaging the aforementioned plate.

G&G replicas with PBB system have a reinforced, modified gearbox V2. Modifications entail adaptations of the gearbox to PBB system as well as an additional of “active spring release” in the form of a forward assist button.

The gearbox is equipped with 8 mm ball bearings, brass cylinder head and aluminium piston head.

The set does not include a battery or a charger.


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