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S&T M16A4 Gas Blowback Rifle (M16A4 – ST-GBB-08-BK) AIRSOFT

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S&T M16A4 Gas Blowback Rifle (M16A4 – ST-GBB-08-BK)

S&T M16A4 Gas Blowback Rifle (M16A4 – ST-GBB-08-BK)

1 review for S&T M16A4 Gas Blowback Rifle (M16A4 – ST-GBB-08-BK) AIRSOFT

  1. Lady Holmes of Glencoe wood (verified owner)

    Out of the box one of the most surprising features of the rifle is how sturdy the construction is.
    I bought the rifle as a platform to work on and add to but I could see the rifle being used straight away.
    The handrail nut does need tightening a little but it’s a simple task.
    My intention from the get go was to convert the rifle into a DMR, I hardly had to do anything, the inner barrel isn’t a cheap piece of metal, it’s surprisingly good. The hand rail is very tough and just eye candy to any gun lover.
    You’d expect with the body not being made from metal that the bolt would feel a little lacking but you’d be wrong to assume so, it delivers.
    I’ve ran the rifle with it’s out of the box internals (I put a 4x acog and a bipod on the rifle with a tracer unit) and some Nuprol green gas at 5c and I was able to easily hit targets out at 40-50m, some higher end WE rifles can struggle to perform like that.
    As of writing this review I’ve owned the gun for a few months and used it over 20 times with no problems and the only internal upgrades have been a high-end tightbore and a new hop-up system.
    For this price you’re getting a solid performing rifle and I’d love to see what S&T come out with next.
    I’ve not a girl for 5.56mm, I like my 7.62mm replicas but this is the only 5.56mm replica I’d hands down recommend to anyone looking to get into the longer range GBB rifles! This is one solid rifle.

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