Thunder B Sound Grenade Set V2 C02 from HAKKOTSU

£29.99 £24.99


Thunder B Sound Grenade Set V2 C02 from HAKKOTSU

£29.99 £24.99


Thunder B Sound Grenade Set V2 C02 from HAKKOTSU

Thunder B Sound Grenade

Inc 3 x pressure caps

2 x grenade shells (extra shells available here)

1 x pinapple shell ( extra shells available here)


  • Low-impact CO2 air burst is safe and effective
  • One-time-use shells are easy to replace, spare shells available here at!
  • Non-pyrotechnic design ideal for use in all weather and environments
  • Core design uses replaceable 12gram CO2 cartridges
  • Fits in many different style “flash” grenade pouches

Hakkotsu Thunder B grenades have been the industry leading standard in non-pyrotechnic simulation grenade / distraction devices for years. Thunder B grenades use a safety pin / spoon design very similar to a real grenade, with no shrapnel and no pyrotechnics, providing an effective low-impact burst. This sound-type grande is safe for many uses, in all environments and weather. Each shell is one-time-use; simply replace the CO2 cartridge in the grenade “core”, thread on another shell and you’re ready to rock!

Package Includes:

  • 1x Thunder B Core Unit
  • 3x Thunder B Shells (random design)

Please use discretion when using this product. User and all surrounding personnel must have proper gloves / mask and eye protection prior to using Sound Effect Grenade Shells. This product is intended to be a sound maker and is only designed for serious training and simulations. Placing water, BB’s and any other objects inside this product can cause serious injury. Buyer / User assumes 100% full responsibility by using this product. By purchasing this item you will have agreed to hold EXTREMEAIRSOFT, EXTREMEAIRSOFT STAFF and employees harmless of any injuries, issues, or negative effects resulting from use of this product.

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