Action Army AAP-01 Tan Gas Blowback Pistol


Action Army AAP-01 Tan Gas Blowback Pistol


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Action Army AAP-01 Tan Gas Blowback Pistol

When creating a fantastic airsoft product, as designer has to think about many things. Does it work? Is it efficient? Does it shoot well? Is it cross compatible with other products? With this pistol, the nail has been hit square on the head!

With a fantastic lightweight fibre reinforced polymer body, the AAP-01 is both lightweight, tough as nails and is incredibly gas efficient. The ambidextrous body has a built in semi/full auto selector, perfect for both CQB, or for running as a sniper’s sidearm.

Compatible with a huge range of G/EU series magazines, this pistol fits perfectly into many player’s arsenals, allowing them to use existing kit, rather than forking out for new magazines. It is even compatible with AW Custom Drum Mags, among other accessories such as stocks, allowing you to turn the Action Army AAP-01 Tan into an absolute beast!


Compatible with may G/EU series magazines
Marui’s new quick-adjust Hop dial
Steel bolt latch
Replaceable magazine latch on the left and right side
Built-in semi / full auto selector
Patented housing (zinc alloy) and loading nozzle (nylon fiber) / G18 antifreeze rubber
Patent safety button
Nylon fibre body
14mm screw outer tube with sheath
129mm plated inner barrel
Fibre optic iron sights


Build Material : Aluminium Alloy / Fibre reinforced polymer
Barrel Length : 129mm
Weight : 655g
System: Gas Blowback
Fire Mode : Semi / Full Auto
Hop-Up : Adjustable
Package Includes : Gun, Magazine, Manual


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