A&k 1873r – gold


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A&K 1873R – Gold

A&K 1873R – Gold

The Replica

About the A&K 1873R – Gold real wood and metal.

A&Ks 1873 is a Gas Operated, Lever Action Airsoft Rifle. Coming in with a considerably shorter barrel than any self-respecting cowboy would have had their 1873 cut down to, A&K have likely been influenced by the popularity of “lever action shotguns” in video games (looking at you COD – Model 1887). This influence also explains the options available to purchase. Not only is there a Gold or Silver option, but you can also purchase your 1873 fitted with an M-LOK handguard and a bespoke suppressor – truly modernising this classic. The model itself features a 22R internal magazine, loaded from a feeding tube. Combined with the internal gas reservoir, you’ll have exceptional fun lever-cocking the rifle between shots as you try and keep up firing. The use of real wood leads to a truly authentic experience on the Airsoft field.


AK-1873 – No Rail / Handguard (Black / Silver / Gold)

AK-1873R – 20mm Rail / M-LOK Handguard (Black / Silver / Gold)

AK-1873RS – 20mm Rail / M-LOK Handguard & Suppressor (Black / Silver / Gold)


The Original

History of the A&K 1873R – Gold is based off.

Famously known as “The Gun That Won the West”, the ‘1873’ model of the famous Winchester Rifle is an evolution of the original ‘1866’ model. Featuring the now iconic ‘lever-action’ to load the next round into the chamber, the ability to fire up to 14 rounds without the need to reload was ground-breaking at the time. This newer model was chambered to take the also brand new .44-40 WCF (Winchester Centre Fire), the first centrefire cartridge produced by Winchester.


The Winchester Rifle has become an icon from the period of the U.S. frontier and will forever be loved as a national symbol of the arms baring United States. Further popularised by the entertainments industry’s love of a good western – the Winchester Rifle has been used to ward off many rampaging outlaws by movie legends such as John Wayne & Clint Eastwood.

The A&K 1873R – Gold has a quality feel to it and a very good weight.