Last updated: Monday 22nd April, 2024

Cyma electric pistol (cm121)


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– Around 210/220 Fps
– 25 Round Magazine
– High ROF On Full Auto
– Metal internal parts
– Metal slide
– Strong ABS Body
– Rechargeable battery pack


We are very proud to introduce the CYMA ELECTRIC PISTOL (CM121) , This is an exact 1:1 scale replica of a Desert Eagle Pistol,
and is incredibly massive when held in the hand, this is a truly intimidating weapon to behold – and the fully automatic
capability really sets this aside from anything else available.
Electric skirmish-grade pistols are a moderately recent introduction to the airsoft world and are becoming ever more
popular in the UK – CYMA are known for making some of the greatest airsoft AK47’s money can buy, and as such –
with a reputation like that it is only natural to expect something good, and the CM.121 does not disappoint.

Electric pistols have the advantage over gas that they are not subject to cooling effects – they are able to keep
running non-stop until the battery is depleted without having to worry about gassing up the mags, and so forth.
The battery for this weapon is stored inside the upper section of the gun, and the entire slide removes to
become the battery housing – the motor is an AEG AK style motor and is housed in the handle of the pistol
behind the magazine. The magazine itself is a sleek thin design, but is nonetheless a double stack
system and holds 25 BB’s.


Pack of pellets –  0.20g
Includes Charger 
Manual + Parts List
Un-jamming / Cleaning Rod
Speed loader


Scale: 1:1
Weight: 675g
Length: 201mm
Magazine: 25 Round Mag
Measured velocity:  Up To 225Fps
Hop-Up: FULLY adjustable
Fire mode: Single/Full Auto (8RPS)
Barrel type: Metal
Battery: Unique


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