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If you’re looking for a highly realistic Airsoft replica you’ve come to the right place. All LCT rifles are manufactured using similar processes to the real rifles resulting in a highly detailed replica. The gun features a stamped steel receiver, full metal outer barrel assembly, trigger guard, fire select and sights, with a polymer pistol grip and real wood handguard. Everything about this replica screams replica, upon close inspection the replica has all he tiny blemishes you get from the stamped steel process just like the real thing, and is even covered in gun oil / preservative, giving it a fresh out of the factory smell. 

Externally the LCT AK – BABY – AEG features exactly what you would expect from a standard AK, including a side mount plate for attaching sights and scopes or rail adaptors, integrated ironsights and the excellent paddle magazine release for tactical magazine changes. Unlike more budget replica the gun comes with a real wood handguard which adds to the realism and feel of the replica and could even be sanded and stained depending on your tastes. The LCT AK – BABY – AEG might not feature a stock, but as a replacement LCT have fitted a sling loop which can be used to add a single point stock to provide support when firing. If you want to be tactical you can also affix a suppressor to the replica by first removing the flash hider to reveal a 14mm CCW flash hider, the most common thread type for Airsoft Suppressors and Tracer Units.

The LCT AK – BABY – AEG internally features everything you would expect from an AK, with a top wired Version 3 gearbox which leaves plenty of room for aftermarket upgrade and replacement parts, with the battery compartment behind the dust cover making it the gun perfect for stick type LiPo and Ni-Mh batteries. The LCT AK – BABY – AEG is built with high quality 18AWG wire and comes fitted standard with a 22000 RPM motor, 9mm bearings, CNC Aluminium piston head and cylinder head and a steel ball bearing spring guide for reliability and performance. The gearbox which comes fitted in the gun is LCT’s NV / ‘New Version’ gearbox, which has been upgraded with more reliable and stronger parts than their first models. 

This LCT AK – BABY – AEG is perfect for those Airsoft skirmishers who are looking for a ultra compact AK platform LCT AK – BABY – AEG without having to switch to a Submachine gun or a more common stubby M4 build. Enjoy CQB and games in tight spaces with a glorious AK instead.

the LCT AK – BABY – AEG Features
  • LCT’s high quality take on the Stubby Stockless AK
  • Perfect for CQB, concealment and vehicle disembarkment
  • Full stamped steel receiver
  • Realistic manufacturing process
  • Real wood handguard
  • Polymer Ridged Pistol Grip
  • AK style fire select (Safe / Full auto / Semi)
  • Integrated front sight post
  • Integrated Leaf style rear ironsight
  • AK Style left side sight mount plate
  • Adjustable linear hop-up for range and accuracy
  • 14mm CCW threaded outer barrel
  • Rear sling loop
  • Ambidextrous paddle magazine release
  • Spring loaded mock charging handle
  • Curved trigger
  • 9mm Bearings
  • 22000rpm motor
  • 270mm Brass Inner Barrel
  • Plastic linear hop-up unit
  • 130rnd spring loaded Mid-cap magazine
  • Non-blowback
  • Features LCT’s ‘New Version’ V3 Gearbox
  • 18AWG Wire
  • Brass and Chrome Plated Cylinder
  • CNC Aluminium Piston and Cylinder Head
  • Steel Ball Bearing Spring Guide
  • V3 top wired gearbox
  • Adjustable motor base screw height
Package Includes
  • AK BABY Airsoft Replica AEG
  • Magazine
  • Instruction Manual
Special Instructions

Please ensure that if you attempt to remove the Flash Hider that you first remove the grub screw on the bottom of the flash hider. The screw secures the flash hider in place to prevent wobble, and if you try to force the flash hider off you will strip the thread on the outer barrel.





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