Lct lck m 63 – aeg


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About the LCT LCK M 63 – AEG.

If you are an AK fan, or are simply into ComBloc small arms, you might have ran into the issue of having to always have to defaulting back to the Soviet style AKM. Fear not comrade, LCT has came out with an alternative!

The LCT LCK M 63 – AEG is an airsoft replica of the Hungarian AMD-63. Although the AMD-63 is essentially a Hungarian AKM, it has some notable differences to its Soviet comrade. Instead of the original wooden handguards, the AMD has a heat shield and a reverse wooden pistol grip as a foregrip. the upper handguard has been deleted as well, making the gun less front heavy compared to other AK type rifles. This foregrip makes the gun a more stable shooting platform, but it does get in the way when changing magazines, so do keep that in mind.

The gun also features correct Hungarian markings, so instead of the Russian Cyrillic seen on normal AK fire selectors, it is the infinity logo for full auto and the number 1 for semi auto. Which is much more easier to understand for the average non Russian user.

The build quality of the LCKM-63 is of top quality, as can be expected by LCT. The gun is made of stamped steel, just like the real gun. Everything from the receiver, down to the rear sight leaf are all constructed by steel, giving it a really realistic and robust feel. The pistol grip, stock and foregrip is of real wood as well, making it very comfortable to hold on to.


  • 14mm CCW

Magazine Compatibility:

  • LCT AK Magazines


  • x1 LCT LCKM-63 AEG with Real Wood Furniture
  • x1 Mid Capacity Magazine
  • x1 Manual





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