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Snow wolf aug aeg with scope (sw-020a – black)


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Snow Wolf AUG AEG with Scope (SW-020A – Black)

Snow Wolf AUG AEG with Scope (SW-020A – Black)


About the Snow Wolf AUG AEG with Scope (SW-020A – Black)

Here we have a replica airsoft gun the style of the famous AUG with is bullpup system that you either love or hate, but whatever side of the fence you sit one thing you can not ignore is with this system is you get a long barrel in a compact size.

Bullpup rifles innovative style means and they cannot be mistaken for anything else, and their eye-catching form sets them apart from some of the more boring guns on the market, and with this one, you get the look and performance without breaking the bank.

This replica weapon is made of durable polymer and metal and is a full 1/1 Scale. The metal parts of the gun include the entire front of the gun including the external barrel, integrated scope and other elements like the shell ejection window plate and flash hider, the shell/receiver of the gun is made of polymer and overall the build of this airsoft gun is excellent.

There are metal sling swivels located to the rear and the front part of the rifle. The battery of the weapon is stored in the stock, to get to it you don’t need any tools, and it’s very easy & quick, you just have to press on the rubber butt plate, and it pulls off revealing the battery compartment.

In the front of the gun, under the barrel is a foldable 3-setting vertical forward grip, great for holding the gun steady.

To get to the Hop-Up adjustment knob, you pull back the charging handle, and it uncovers the shell ejection window. When it’s back you can lock the handle back in the rear position.

The shell ejection windows are on both sides of the receiver, which makes it an ambidextrous weapon.

Taking apart the gun is also quick, easy and spits the gun into two, and allows you to reach the Hop-Up chamber and inner barrel.

The Snow Wolf AUG AEG with Scope (SW-020A – Black) has a useful quick spring change system that lets you change the mainspring without too much fuss or hassle.

There is also no need to disassemble the whole gun to take out the gearbox, as it comes out from the back of the gun, and the way the gun is set up allows to quickly adjust the power of the replica without the need to have a workshop or a set of specialised tools on hand.

The gun has a two-stage trigger system, the first stage makes the replica fire in semi mode, and a fully pulled trigger makes it fire on fully automatic.

The guns safety switch is ambidextrous and is located at the pistol grip and can be operated from both sides.

On the top of the gun, there is a built in optical scope. The flash hider at the end of the barrel has a 14 mm left-handed thread so you can remove it to add a different extension or silencer Etc.

The airsoft gun comes with a good quality polymer Hi-Cap magazine that has a capacity of up to 330 BB pellets.

At the heart of the rifle is a durable V3 metal gearbox that allows this guns performance to be excellent and reliable.

This airsoft gun would be a great addition for any airsoft enthusiast or re-enactor that loves this type AUG Weapon.

Snow Wolf AUG AEG with Scope (SW-020A – Black) Specs & Features:

  • Full Scale
  • Metal Gear Box V3
  • Fully & Semi-Automatic Mode
  • Weight: 3390g
  • Colour: Black
  • Length: 810mm
  • Barrel Length: 510mm
  • Hop-up: Adjustable
  • Shooting Mode: Semi/Fully Automatic
  • Gearbox Type: v3
  • Barrel Thread Type: 14mm CCW
  • Magazine Capacity: 330 Rounds
  • Bullet Type: 6mm BB
  • Power: (Muzzle Velocity) 320-350ps
  • Manufacturer: Snow Wolf

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