Tectonic innovations quake 8 way impact grenade purple


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Tectonic innovations quake 8 way impact grenade purple

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Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8 Way Impact Grenade PURPLE
Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8 Way Impact Grenade PURPLE

The device itself is a simple yet effective design. At the top of the Quake is the stainless steel plunger, which upon impact forces itself into the grenade. This then pushes the toughened firing pin into your .209 primer, which is held in place by the aircraft grade alloy multi-shot base. The stainless steel core is then beautifully presented in an anodised alloy casing. After all, what’s the point of airsoft kit if not to look awesome?

How do I use it?

Operating the Quake is simple. Unscrew your base, pop a .209 primer into each slot and reassemble. The base eight clearly marked positions: SAFE, then 1 – 7. To fire, simply give the base a twist, feel a satisfy click as you turn from SAFE to 1, and drop the grenade where you want the bang to happen! Dead easy!

The design is great too. At just 40mm wide, and 460g in weight the Quake will fit in most grenade pouches. It doesn’t feel too heavy, whilst at the same time still has the weight of a quality product. The choice of 12 colours is awesome too, meaning that getting your BFG mixed up with somebody else’s is a lot less likely to happen.

Would I buy one?

My favourite part, however is just how robust the device is. I am regularly given kit to try and break. Whether it be tactical gear, RIFs, optics and anything inbetween, I usually manage it. The Quake, however has beat me. It has been dropped at every angle, thrown across The Department CQB, taken apart and put back together. I cannot break it!

If you are looking for a TRMR style Blank Firing Grenade, then look no further. The new kid is in town, and it is the best in class!

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