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Vorsk eu17 tactical black


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Vorsk EU Series and all other models from Vorsk are inspired by the finest and most advanced modern combat and competition handgun designs, VORSK translates these unique and innovative concepts to the Airsoft market in the form of a totally new range of GBB pistols.

VORSKs objective from initial concept to the market has been to provide robust, dependable GBB Pistols whilst also adding a touch of style & flair to your sidearm.

In order to achieve this, VORSK has taken time and care to discuss and develop these concepts with leading Airsoft players and established, successful Airsoft manufacturers. These concepts then moved into extensive development, with new moulds and production techniques ensuring a first-class product range.

The final results are a range of GBB pistols that are as effective on the field as they are eye-catching on display.

the VORSK EU17 TACTICAL BLACK is Constructed from a mixture of HIPS Material, Aluminium, Alloy and Polymer this pistol has been built with quality in mind with a solid design. The pistol features an alloy slide, magazine and internals, with a polymer frame, trigger and internal parts. During the design of the pistol VORSK’s objective has been to provide a robust and dependable Gas Blowback Pistol, whilst also adding a touch of style, and they have certainly achieved it. There is high attention to detail with the replica’s slide being CNC finished assuring quality and precision.

On its most basic level, the pistol is a Gas Blowback Airsoft gun which is powered by Green Gas and designed to fire 6mm BBs. The VORSK EU17 TACTICAL BLACK fires in semi-automatic and fully automatic, and when fired the slide moves back to simulate recoil and gives the pistol a satisfying kick. If safety is your thing the pistol features a front trigger lock which can be slid backwards to prevent the weapon from firing, as well as a two-stage safety trigger which will help prevent accidental discharge should the weapon be snagged in a bush or on your equipment whilst drawing it.

The slide of the pistol is a highly customised version of the base slide from the pistol it was based on, featuring grooves not only on the rear of the pistol, but on the front too, these extra grooves make it easier to rack the pistol in a pinch, but also look cool too. The outer barrel is twirled as well as threaded, with the pistol coming supplied with a thread adaptor allowing you to add a wide range of aftermarket pistol suppressors, silencers, and tracer units to truly make the weapon your own.

The pistol comes supplied with two sets of open iron sights, raised light-enhancing iron sights, as well as a standard pair of low profile sights. Fitted as standard are the raised light-enhancing sights, which are designed to stand above a fitted red-dot sight which can be affixed to the backplate once the weapon has been stripped. Not only do the sights raise above the sight so they can be seen but feature light-enhancing tubes which allow the pistol to be used in low light conditions.

Internally the weapon features an adjustable hop-up unit which can be accessed when the slide and the frame are split. The VORSK EU17 TACTICAL BLACK hop-up unit is designed to add range and accuracy to your shots by adding spin to the BB before it travels down the barrel to create an air pocket in front of the BB to make its flight more stable. The hop-up is fully adjustable to allow a wide range of BB weights and types to be used as optimally as possible.  The pistol also features a pre-upgraded 6.03mm diameter inner barrel, which is tighter than the standard barrels seen in most pistols. Thanks to its tighter diameter the barrel improve the performance and accuracy of the pistol, giving it an instant advantage over most Airsoft pistols on the market to date.

Semi-automatic and Fully Automatic Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol
Custom Slide, Outer Barrel and Frame
Grooved slide for style and to make cocking the replica much easier
Custom textured frame for extra hold in wet conditions
CNC finished slide
Light enhancing raised iron-sights
Extended magazine base plate
Compatible with green gas and Co2 magazines
Trigger lock safety system
Red dot / Dr sight mount point
Front Pistol Rail for attaching pistol torches and lasers
Two-stage safety trigger
Extended Gen4 style magazine release
Slide locks back when the magazine is empty
Flared magazine well to make it easier to insert magazine
Adjustable hop-up unit for range and accuracy
Female threaded outer barrel for attaching suppressors
Comes with a Female to Males suppressor thread adaptor
Replaceable back straps to adjust the grip size
Thread protector included
90mm 6.03mm Brass precision inner barrel
Spare nozzle included
Spare O-Ring set included
Original low profile iron-sight pare included

Package Includes
EU17 Solid Slide Gas Blowback Pistol
Spare Nozzle 
Spare O-Ring Set
Replacement Iron sight Set
Tool Set
Instruction Manual
Exploded View Card


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