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WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90


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WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90

WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90

A long-awaited WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90, is a result of five-year work by engineers from R&D department from Wei-Tech.

WE is a renowned brand that has many years of experience manufacturing gas powered replicas equipped with BlowBack in a closed system.

The WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90 is made in large part from polymer parts, in a bullpup setup with original, horizontally-placed above the chamber, magazine. However, mechanisms, moving parts, mounting rails and outer barrel were all made from an aluminum alloy.

The WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90 gun is powered with Green Gas, loaded into magazines. One gas charge lasts for about 100 shots, while the RealCap magazine included in the set – like in the original firearm – can store up to 50 BBs. The moving bolt mechanism (BlowBack system) give realistic, addictive experience when using the replica. The bolt, as in the original – is supported from the rear with two return springs. The replica does not only closely resemble the live firearm original in terms of appearance, but also makes use of similar, technical solutions.

If features the bolt locking system BNH (BoltNoHold) – it will stop firing when it runs out of ammunition in the magazine. The magazine itself has an additional switch that enables “dry” fire.

The replica, due to its size, is an ideal choice for people looking for an intermediary replica between a pistol and a rifle. This model has a precision of a rifle and comfort of a handgun. Small weight of the replica (<2,5kg) and muzzle velocity of ~390 FPS gives it unique versatility – useful in close-ranged fights, during ambushes in the woods as well as dynamic fights on medium range. The outer barrel has a 14mm, right-hand thread finish for the attachment of silencers and barrel extensions – which allows for additional customization of the replica. Replica was created with drivers, vehicle crews and special forces in mind – everywhere where what is needed is a light, handy, precise weapon with high rate of fire.

The WE TA-2015 GBB Submachine Gun Replica P90 features a double-sided, three-position fire mode selector – thanks to which it can be used by both right- and left-handed people. In full-auto fire, the trigger operates in a two-stage mode – first stage fires a single shot while squeezing the trigger all the way causes fully automatic fire on the target.

The stock of the replica is empty – allowing for storage of additional things, such as: small gas container or a BB speedloader. Three mounting rails (top and two on the sides) provide the user with the ability to mount optical sights and additional accessories such as a flashlight or a laser sight. 

The guns sctuctural construction requires additional care when reloading the mag into the gun. Improper use may cause severe damage to the valves.

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